How to make Good Sakura-cha (Cherry blossom tea)

We have Sakura-cha, Cherry blossom tea from Japan. It has a small instruction on the back of the package but not very many people would notice; I am Japanese but I have never known that before either! We just would like you to have the best tea at home, so here's the instruction :) 





  1. Boil hot water and pour it in a tea cup
  2. Put one cherry blossom in the cup and wait for about 5 minutes to get rid of salt, or it would be too salty!
  3. Pour another hot water in a new cup, float the cherry blossom which you just rinsed
  4. Scoop the salty water from the old cup about one tea spoon, and put it in the new cup (if you want more flavor, you can adjust the amount of the salty water to add)
  5. Enjoy!!


It is not sweet, more like soup with a mild flavor of cherry blossom. I'm sure it would taste also good if you add a little bit of sugar/honey in it!




We hope you enjoy it!!