Hina-matsuri (Doll's Day/Girl's Day)

Hina-matsuri is a special day in Japan (not a holiday, though!). It is celebrated each year on March 3rd.




Families display Hina-ningyo to celebrate the day. Hina-ningyo is a set of ornamental dolls representing the emperor and empress in traditional court dresses of the Heian-era. There are bigger sets as well with attendants and musicians, 15 dolls and 7 tiers in total.

Generally,  families start to display the dolls from February and take them down immediately after the festival because there's a superstition which says that leaving the dolls past March 4th will result in a late marriage for the daughter... Kind of a horror story for girls!!


Food for this festival : 

  • Hina-arare, bite-sized rice crackers flavored with sugar/soy sauce or both. Modern ones have 5-10 chocolate-covered crackers in a bag and they are poplar among children!
  • Hishi-mochi, a diamond-shaped rice cake which has a three-color-layer of pink, white and green (from the top to the bottom). 
  •  Chirashi-sushi, a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi and vegetables/garnishes. There's no set formula for this dish; you can put anything on top as long as it's delicious!
  • Ama-zake, a sweet, low- or non-alcohol drink made of  rice and koji mold. It is believed that Ama-zake is very nutritious. It contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Folic acid, Dietary Fiber ect.
  • Ushio-jiru, salt-based soup containing clams still in the shell. Clam shells in food are deemed the symbol of a united and peaceful couple, because a pair of clam shells fits perfectly, and the no pair but the original pair can do so!


We have one pair of Hina-ningyo in stock. They are on the front display :)



Or how about a handcrafted bunny Hina-ningyo? They are adorable!!


Happy Girl's day!!