Cards made with love

Today, we are very excited to introduce our new products from a talented artist, Aiko (also known as Shikakibito-Aico in Japan). She has been working as an artist for more than a decade and her workshops and exhibitions are always full of people. Those who have been to Japan might have seen her products in department stores. And now she has arrived in Boston!

It has been a few months since we started working with her on our designs. After we received her initial samples, we were very excited about having her products in our store. That's a good sign, right? We asked her right away if she could make something special for us. We are happy to announce that Aiko's products are now available exclusively at Tokai.



Aiko's Cards

Aiko's greeting cards, like many of her works, are original and detailed. The colorful heart-warming designs will make you smile and bring happiness to your day. They are perfect gifts for your loved ones. Check out Aiko's website below for more information.